Burnside Organic Farm

We are Jamie and Lara McCall and we enjoy the personal contact with all our customers at the MRFM.

We attend during avocado season October – December each year. We are a small farm and grow avocados, capers and also grow grapes and make wine. We also have a commercial market garden on our farm. Our share farmer is Jema McCabe. She attends the market from December to April with her quality produce which includes carrots, beetroot, onions, lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and also many heirloom and unique vegetables.

The entire farm and produce is certified biodynamic with Demeter.

The farm is open on Fridays for wine tastings from 11am – 4pm. We also have farm accommodation and do farm tours, please book online at our website.


Where to buy our produce

Wine Tastings Fridays 11am – 4pm
287 Burnside Road, Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River Farmers Markets
Education Campus, Bussell Highway
Saturdays 7am – 12pm

Chat & Contact Us On

Tel 0427572139
08 9757 2139