Welcome to the Koonac Goat Farm

We are a small commercial goat dairy.  Our farm is located in Rosa Brook, approximately 20km East of Margaret River.

Our goat herd consists of 30-50 dairy goats (Saanens, Anglo-Nubians, and crosses of these two breeds) and some meat bucks (Boer goats).

We produce raw goat milk and a variety of goat cheeses (e.g. Chèvre, Fetta, Haloumi, Camembert, Quark, Beccorino).  All our cheeses are hand made on the farm with the milk from our own goats. Some cheeses are seasonal and therefore not always available.

We sell our produce at the Farmers Markets in Margaret River, and directly from our farm (appointment required).

For more information about our produce and our farm please visit our webpage www.koonac.com.au

Where to buy our produce

Margaret River Farmers Markets
Education Campus, Bussell Highway
Saturdays 7am – 12pm

Contact Us

Phone (08) 9757 4180